AZ Press Co 2.5x5 Rosin Press Kit

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These are build to order, once order is placed you can expect a 2-3 business day build and test time frame before plates ship out. Made in Arizona • Designed to bolt directly up to hydraulic or pneumatic rams that are no larger than 2 inches in diameter and can handle up to 20 tons of pressure. You will need purchase any of the below separately to mount your kit to. - A Frames - H Frames - Arbor Presses (Fits Harbor Freight 1 ton arbor presses). • 4.95 x 4.95 x 1/2 top and bottom 6061 aluminum platens individually heated with 180 watts heaters. These platens will reach 200 degrees F in 10 minutes or less. This model has a 2.5 inch deep by 4.95 inch wide machined pressing area in the top and bottom platens. This design focuses all the pressure on a smaller surface area. • Platens secured by high temp black powder coated A31 steel mounting plates for extreme durability. • Digital temperature controller to dial in your preferred temps in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Bottom platen securely houses a thermal temperature sensor. • Bottom platen securely mounts to your H and A frames (does not secure to Arbor press). These will not move or shift on you in the pressing process making this kit very safe. • Kit includes platens, temperature controller, frame mount, quick start guide, hex key, and logo slap. • We back our entire product with a 60 day warranty. Warranty excludes cosmetic issues caused by use.