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4x48 Material Column Extraction Filter Sock - 90 micron

4x48 Material Column Extraction Filter Sock - 90 micron

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Our material column extraction filters are made of 100% food grade nylon monofilament mesh. Each filter has a drawstring to cinch the filter shut at the top. Our material column extraction filters are designed to fit nice and snug inside your material column. Over filling the column filters can cause expansion which we account for in our design process but over filling them can make it more difficult to load the filter into the column. Processes differ but you can load the filter while it’s in the column to avoid any issues there. It all depends on what works best for you and your processes.

 Product Features

Longer Lasting - Each pack has 10 column extraction filters that are made of commercial grade 100% nylon mesh. The high-quality stitching and mesh allow our filters to last longer for more uses which ultimately saves production costs in the long term.

Maximize Efficiency - Speed up your extraction process by prefilling your filters with material outside of the column. Once your current run is complete you can remove the filter that is inside the column and quickly replace it with another. Rinse and repeat.

Simplicity - Easily remove our material column filters. The extra length on our filters allows you to grip the bag firmly from above so you do not have to just rely on the drawstring to lift it up and out of your material columns.

Precision - Laser cut and measured to fit standard 4” and 6” material columns.

One Stop Shop - We have been partnering with labs across the USA and Canada since 2016 to provide them with custom filter solutions at lower costs.

Additional Information

Pre-orders can take up to 28 business days to fulfill.

We stock these material column filters in Amazon warehouses and below is the link to the product in case we are out of stock on our website.

Amazon Prime Column Filters

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